Hamikaze Delivers Premium, Durable Decals & Stickers for Amateur Radio Enthusiasts

Hamikaze Decals are manufactured from premium cast vinyls. They represent the ultimate in outdoor durability and conformability. We use a quality solvent based permanent adhesive that have a higher overall quality in the vinyl film itself. Hamikaze Decals can be used pretty much anywhere.


Hamikaze Gives You a Large Selection of Sizes!

Hamikaze Decals are designed to promote your ham call sign and the hobby you love.  From small discreet stickers for your radio to mondo decals that spread across your back vehicle window.

Purchase just one sticker, or a bundle of different sizes.

Mobile to base station, promote your call sign

Hamikaze Decals are designed to promote your call sign no matter where you are.  From your vehicle windows to inside your ham shack.  We have stickers and decals for anyplace!